Trump Losing in the Polls Amidst Fights at Rallies

Donald Trump is sinking in the polls! Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is beating him by double digits while people are punching each other out at the billionaire’s rallies. Some say the… Continue reading

10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day When You Are Single

  Drunk text your Ex It won’t make you feel better about the situation. But at least you can tell them you still want them. Then in the morning, when they call you,… Continue reading

First Black Woman on Cover of Playboy, And then Some

  Darine Stern, the first Black woman who made it on the cover of Playboy magazine, is my inspiration. I remember reading an article about her. She said she was not necessarily happy… Continue reading

‘Ride Along 2’ Review: It’s Not as Bad as Everybody Thinks [WATCH]

Kevin Hart starred in “Ride Along 2” with Ice Cube. A movie with either one of those men cannot be bad. Period.

Beyoncé Slays in ‘Formation’ Video, Acquires Additional Haters [WATCH]

Beyoncé came back, in popular demand, and slayed the fucking mess out of that “Formation” video. Then she topped it off with an epic Super Bowl performance. Then, she accumulated about 2.5 million… Continue reading

Black History Month: 10 Things Killing Black People, How I Will Make a Change

February marks the month for the celebration of Black people in America. It’s a long way to go, but commemorating people of color who have contributed to society is one big step in… Continue reading

‘50 Shades of Black’ was Crazy, Had me Thinking [WATCH]

Marlon Wayans is too stupid! He had me cracking up in “50 Shades of Black.” But he also made me think about this whole BDSM lifestyle. Through his jokes he mocked Christian Grey… Continue reading

‘Dirty Grandpa’ Review: Sexy Role Play at the End!!! [WATCH]

“Dirty Grandpa” is a funny ass movie! I loved it! You’re going to see a few bad reviews on it though. It got rated about 10 percent on rotten tomatoes. But that’s mostly… Continue reading

Rob Kardashian Still Banging Blac Chyna, All Romantic and Shit

Okay, at first I thought it was just a quick publicity thing going on in the air. You know them rumors. But no, Rob Kardashian is really in all the way with Blac… Continue reading

Rihanna and Drake Killed it, Work Single is the Ish [LISTEN]

Rihanna and Drake killed it once again. The first time they killed it like this, I was in high school, and Rihanna was going to the corner store in some boxers. Reminds me… Continue reading

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