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Are You Vanilla? BDSM Test Results

After reading through a few fetlife profiles, I felt like taking a BDSM quiz that almost everyone else has taken. Come to find out, I am just what I think I am. A… Continue reading

Petty All the Time

Petty season is right around the corner. Cuffing season is just about over so you know it’s about to be a lot of bitter single people out there. They were used over the… Continue reading

I Love Will Smith and His African Accent

I just love Will Smith. Everything about him is awesome. But when he came out with that African accent in “Concussion,” I just loved him even more. Gushy. Gushy. Check him out in… Continue reading

10 Things to do on Valentine’s Day When You Are Single

  Drunk text your Ex It won’t make you feel better about the situation. But at least you can tell them you still want them. Then in the morning, when they call you,… Continue reading

First Black Woman on Cover of Playboy, And then Some

  Darine Stern, the first Black woman who made it on the cover of Playboy magazine, is my inspiration. I remember reading an article about her. She said she was not necessarily happy… Continue reading

Black History Month: 10 Things Killing Black People, How I Will Make a Change

February marks the month for the celebration of Black people in America. It’s a long way to go, but commemorating people of color who have contributed to society is one big step in… Continue reading

Fantasy: Horrible Bosses

I am new on the job. I sit quiet at my desk because I don’t want to mess up. Naughty girls always find a way to mess up…accidentally. I hate my boss. He… Continue reading

Oscars White Washed Again, Chris Rock Calls it ‘White BET Awards’

The Oscars snubbed “Straight Outta Compton” this year and forgot to nominate at least one black actor or black movie this year. Oscars host Chris Rock just called this year’s ceremony the ‘White… Continue reading

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