Prom Dress Season, Some Giveth, Some Taketh Away

Prom dress

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Prom dress season is here! Little girls blooming into women, all over the U.S. are suffering from the most severe first-world problem syndrome; ‘what is the perfect prom dress to wear? And I hope that bitch I hate doesn’t wear the same thing.’

While there are girls planning for one of the best moments of a first-world girl’s life, there are others who cannot afford a prom dress let alone the ticket to attend. Luckily, there are organizations that donate dresses this time of year.

Donna Drummonds, a school coordinator, helps less fortunate girls in Camden get access to prom dresses from central New Jersey, reports. She takes them on a 90-minute drive to the annual prom dress giveaway and watches as a little girl’s dream come true.

Sadly, there are people who like to take things from the less fortunate. Amesbury Charity was robbed of 15 FREE prom dresses this month, according to CBS Boston.

“When I walked in…I started crying and I said, ‘People stole dresses from me? Are you serious? They’re free! Why would you steal a dress that’s free?’” said Betty Vitale, charity organizer.

Since the robbery, people have donated nearly 200 dresses to the charity including some funds. This mishap actually helped more girls in the end.

There are many organizations that donate free prom dresses to the less fortunate including the Cinderella Project.

On this special day, the free clinic should also donate hundreds of condoms, because there are so many little girls wanting to get their cherries popped on their special night.

But given this fast paced sexually active culture, most girls have already lost it by now. They should still give out the condoms to prevent pregnancies and STI’s, because somebody is going to get some on prom night.

Carry on little Cinderella’s and enjoy your special day. It’s one of the best days of your life. I heard the other great days are your college graduation, your wedding day and the day you give birth.

Another special day will be the day you get acquitted for a murder you definitely committed. But that’s for a different kind of girl. Not you little sweetie.