‘The Family’ Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers: What Happened to ‘Real’ Adam? [WATCH]


Tune into ABC on Sunday for the next episode of “The Family” where we might find out what happened to the real Adam.

In the next episode titled “Nowhere Man,” we see that Willa Warren (Alison Pill) might have something to do with what happened to the real Adam 10 years ago.

“Nina (Margot Bingham) and Clements (Matthew Lawler) devise a plan to nab the pock-marked man; and a sick Adam (Liam James) is taken to hospital, where the doctor drops a bombshell on Claire (Joan Allen),” the show’s description reads on TVGuide.

“Meanwhile, Doug (man with the holes in his face) has many near-misses with the Warrens and police on the night of Adam’s disappearance,” the description continues.

Check out this Storify about the “fight” between Hank and John.

Nina wants to start using Adam as bait for the man with the holes in his face. Will she be successful in finding the real suspect this time around?

In the last episode, we find out at the very end that Adam is not really John’s son. That helps us to find out what we all suspected; Adam is not really who he says he is. Yet, there can be an issue where Claire had an affair. Just throwing that up in the air!

I believe Willa had something to do with the new Adam coming to town since she was the one who got the fake DNA test and who also collected Adam’s old dental records.

But the boy was really kidnapped and held in a pit underground. Who is he? And why is he preying on the Warren family?