Trump Losing in the Polls Amidst Fights at Rallies

2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump

Donald Trump/Wiki Commons

Donald Trump is sinking in the polls! Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is beating him by double digits while people are punching each other out at the billionaire’s rallies.

Some say the business mogul is losing favor in people’s eyes because he is egging on the fights at his rallies, Mashable reports.

Yet, he was already shown in a bad light at the start of his presidential campaign. So that shouldn’t make a difference.

Meanwhile, Democrats are either routing for Clinton one week or Bernie Sanders the other. None of this makes a difference to me. In my opinion, what really matters, is the amount of people actually getting off their butts to go vote come election night.

Even though everyone hates Trump, while others love his frankness and money-geared speeches, I think he would make the perfect Dom.

Speaking from the perspective of an aspiring little, after some failed Dom/sub relationships, I believe Trump is what I want. Or someone like Trump because he definitely is not available.

The 2016 presidential candidate makes the perfect Dom because he’s rich, famous, super married and doesn’t give a fuck about what others have to say about him. Far better than Christian Gray! What better Dom to serve?

I hear people say he’ll send all the blacks back to Africa if he’s elected, or that he will deport all of the Latinos, or something like that.

But whether he wins the presidency or not, giving his attitude, frankness, wealth and cockiness and quite often confidence, it would be so awesome to wear his collar for a day.

The polls mean nothing to him.