First Black Woman on Cover of Playboy, And then Some



Darine Stern, the first Black woman who made it on the cover of Playboy magazine, is my inspiration.

I remember reading an article about her. She said she was not necessarily happy about this because there were other Black people in her neighborhood making milestones like, becoming Lawyers and Doctors.

But it’s still cool to see her on the cover of that magazine. In 1971, the former Ford model was on the cover, then it was later remade with Marge Simpson.

Yet, Jennifer Jackson was actually the first black woman on the cover of Playboy for the March 1965 issue. She was on a special issue with a group of four other girls. Stern was the first one to get her own cover, but she wasn’t a Playmate like Jackson.

In 1981, Jayne Kennedy, the 1970 Miss Ohio, was on the cover of Playboy. But she was fully clothed and posed in the magazine with Leon Isaac Kennedy, her husband at the time.


In 1988, “Nasty Girl” singer Vanity was on the cover of Playboy. A year later, LaToya Jackson made it on the cover in an attempt to separate herself from her uber-famous family. Playboy sold 8 million copies for that issue!

Years later, the first Black “Baywatch” actress got on the cover of Playboy with the rest of her cast members and Pamela Anderson.

In 1999, super model Naomi Campbell made it on a holiday season issue cover of Playboy. She totted a phone to poke fun at her bad reputation of attacking people with phones.

There are a few other Black women who made it on the cover of Playboy, but I must point out the most recent; rapper Azealia Banks. She even said, “I won’t show my pussy unless I make the cover.” And she did. She really did.

As for me, I’ll be on the cover of Playboy soon… As soon as I fix this Photoshop element on my phone.