‘Ride Along 2’ Review: It’s Not as Bad as Everybody Thinks [WATCH]


Kevin Hart starred in “Ride Along 2” with Ice Cube. A movie with either one of those men cannot be bad. Period.

But they did get some bad reviews. Mostly because it was kind of cheesy and predictable. Plus, I was really shocked to see Ken Jeong (A.J.) act with an American accent. I was expecting an over-the-top Chinese man with his little cock out.

James (Ice Cube) and Ben (Hart) went on yet another adventure of catching the bad guys. Only this time, Ben was an actual cop. He is still stupid, but smart enough to help James find the right bad guy…and eventually save his life…twice.

They had to catch a big drug mover who transports product to their backyard. James cold ass finds a girl, who is just as cold as him. And A.J. winds up being the “Ben” in their partnership.

In the end, Ben gets married…and then dragged by a boat.

My favorite part of the movie was when the big boss guy Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt) gets on the dance floor. He is just too sexy. I love his accent, his body and his way of wooing women. If I were there, I would have let him shoot me. Anything to put a hole inside of me, even if it’s just his bullet.