Rob Kardashian Still Banging Blac Chyna, All Romantic and Shit


Okay, at first I thought it was just a quick publicity thing going on in the air. You know them rumors. But no, Rob Kardashian is really in all the way with Blac Chyna.

It looks messy right? But guess what? Everybody in Hollywood is fucking somebody, that fucked somebody.

It’s not just Hollywood though. It’s all small communities where everybody is networking with each other. Like in college, or at the office, or in Law school, or at the job site…you get it.

But I thought Chyna had something going on with Future, until all them memes came out trying to play her. Is Rob a rebound? Or were they keeping it on the low and she honestly JUST starred in a video with Future?

We could never know. But she and Rob K are all over the place with each other. He’s supporting her on her little photo shoots, she’s supporting him on losing weight and they might even be living together.

Of course, she has so called beef with his sisters. But who never fucked a family member’s enemy? And it’s petty beef. Chyna ain’t worried about her baby father. She got money to make!