Rihanna and Drake Killed it, Work Single is the Ish [LISTEN]


Rihanna and Drake killed it once again.

The first time they killed it like this, I was in high school, and Rihanna was going to the corner store in some boxers. Reminds me of the past, when I lived in the hood. She and Drake killed it on “What’s My Name.”

Everybody thought they were fucking. They definitely thought they were fucking when he said, “I just need to know what the pussy like, so one time is fine with me.” Then he said some shit about treating “her” like a even though she won a Grammy.

That made me think that he just might have a little dick. It could be possible that she fucked him once, but was tight that his dick was smaller than Chris Breezy’s, so she friend zoned him.

But then again, Drake could have some good dick, and it could all just be for the hype. They could honestly be friends. But this new song, “Work,” is going to have people think that they are fucking…again.

Anyway, listen to this track. I listened to it a thousand times today. I know most of the words. So you learn them too.