‘Dirty Grandpa’ Review: Sexy Role Play at the End!!! [WATCH]

maxresdefault2“Dirty Grandpa” is a funny ass movie! I loved it!

You’re going to see a few bad reviews on it though. It got rated about 10 percent on rotten tomatoes. But that’s mostly because it’s offensive. Offensive is funny to me. Don’t mind me, I’m a millennial.

In the movie, an old pervert takes his uptight grandson to spring break before he ruins his life. Basically, he turned his grandson from an almost married to a Jew-chick lawyer, into a sail the ocean for a year with some random chick you just met photo journalist.

In real life, it’s a downgrade. But in the movie, it’s so hot and so great that he got to follow his heart. I feel him. I followed my heart with a journalism degree. Just got my tax returns. I made a lot of no money last year.

Anyway, the grandpa wanted to fuck a college chick before he dies. He wanted to feel young again. Most old men do. In the end, they finally got to fuck. They had some awesome role play where he acted like he couldn’t find his glasses, then he tore open her bra like a social security check.

If I wrote the movie, I would have made Robert De Niro and Zac Efron gang bang the college chick. Then at the end of the movie, they would have to go to Maury to figure out the father of the baby.

I didn’t write the script though.

My favorite part was when De Niro said nigga at a karaoke bar. My pussy got wet. Weird.