Black History Month: 10 Things Killing Black People, How I Will Make a Change


February marks the month for the celebration of Black people in America. It’s a long way to go, but commemorating people of color who have contributed to society is one big step in this big fight for equality.

And no, Black History Month is not a form of segregation for all you closed minded people out there.

Anyway, I thought it would be great to list a few big killers in the Black community and voice a way for me to change it.

  1. Suicide

Self-harm hurts all races, and so does everything else I’m about to list here. One way I will help in this area is to stop cutting myself. I’ve done research and it could eventually lead to suicide. It’s been a week since I have self-harmed and when I get the urge, I run for 45 minutes. Beach body here I come!

Also, I will always give an open ear to a friend in need. If I ever get a suicide threat, I will treat it seriously.

  1. Cancer

Specifically focusing on lung cancer here; I have stopped smoking tobacco. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since last year. And it’s been 3 days since I’ve had a black and mild. I don’t plan on ever picking up one ever again.

  1. H.I.V.

This is a serious issue in the world, period. I have already planned to be less slutty. Keep it down to one sex partner at a time. Definitely use protection. I should probably sign up for one of those A.I.D.S. walks this year.


Also, when I know someone has H.I.V., I do not treat them differently because I am educated on the topic. The stigma behind it needs to end. Treat everyone equally.

  1. Aneurism

I get less stressed out. Too much stress can hurt the brain. It ages you, period. I sleep well and exercise regularly. I’m kind of lazy so I’m doing well in this area already.

As for the workaholics, take a day off. I try to get my really busy friends to relax a bit and take a lazy day. I wouldn’t want them to over stress themselves. And here’s advice to me and others: no hard drugs. That’s the spirit.

  1. Drug overdose

Yes, this is true for all colors, shapes and sizes. But while the politicians and law enforcement are trying to assist with the war on drugs, I do my part by saying no to drugs. It’s that simple people. Say no.
I also would not encourage anyone else to try them. It can be a downward spiral after that one hit anyway, whether it’s ending your life or fucking up your life. JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS.

  1. Homicide

I haven’t killed anyone yet, so I’m doing well in this area. I am the “turn the other cheek” kind of person anyway. But for the hot heads, please just take a walk to let off steam. It will be worth it in the end.

Also, there are places of refuge for people who want to get out of a gang or move from a dangerous town. Just know that you have to help others, help you.

  1. Liver Disease

I definitely slowed down on the liquor intake. This also helps with H.I.V. because the less drunk you are, the better you are to make smart choices. No more binge drinking for me either. It’s just embarrassing and hurts badly in the morning anyway.

And who wants to die at the ripe age of 60 because they had one too many? Keep it simple at happy hour and on occasions. Don’t ruin your family over some sour grapes or whatever.

  1. Abortion

This is a touchy subject for me. A lot of people say abortion is a major killer in the minority community. Let’s change that this year. Let’s have protected sex, learn to count our cycle and just be smart about things ladies.

Now, I am pro-choice to the fullest because mistakes just happen. But having abortions back to back, needs to end. It’s not a form of birth control.

  1. Heart Disease

Eating healthier will save you from many sicknesses including heart disease. I stopped eating too many fatty foods and have incorporated vegan foods into my diet.

Let’s all start to eat healthier.

  1. Diabetes

This follows up on eating healthy. It’s also touchy for me because it runs in my family. I started to eat healthy because of it. I also removed sugar from my daily hot tea intake. I also stopped eating a lot of candy.

Reduce the amount of sugar you eat before it’s too late.

That sums of only 10 killers of Black people. There are many more, but we can start here to make a change. And remember…change starts with you.