‘50 Shades of Black’ was Crazy, Had me Thinking [WATCH]


Marlon Wayans is too stupid! He had me cracking up in “50 Shades of Black.”

But he also made me think about this whole BDSM lifestyle. Through his jokes he mocked Christian Grey and said, “What kind of sick demented person gets pleasure from someone else’s physical pain?”

Then he had a scene where he was looking for subs and some Asian chick was totally with it and even asked for a cup so she could eat his shit. But the black chicks told him he needed Jesus!

In the middle, his new sub tied him up, bent him over, whipped him hard and raped him in the ass with a huge wall banger dildo. She said, “This is for ’12 Years a Slave,’ and this is for that little white girl in the ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie.”

At one point there were whips on the wall, some labeled after slavery movies.

It had me thinking. Is this what people think of the whole BDSM lifestyle? That it’s like modern day slavery?

Some people do. I proposed the idea to a vanilla lover once, and he rejected it. He said he did not want to be my Dom because it’s like slavery.

Yet, slaves are held against their will. There are slaves today. Just think of the entire human trafficking underground industry in the world. That’s slavery right there.

But when a sub gives up power to her Dom, it’s consensual. It’s freeing in a sense. It’s giving total control and completely trusting this person with your safety, health and sanity. Don’t down play it guys.

Yes, you get the sickos who hide under the mask of Dom to take advantage of women. But when the relationship is real and genuine, sparks fly, and I don’t think it would be that great if it was not consensual.

But then again, little girls consent to fucking grown ass men and the men still get locked up because of statutory rape. So what do I know?