Toni Braxton Movie Unbroke My Heart! [WATCH]


Toni Braxton has a powerful story! Her biopic “Unbreak My Heart” premiered Saturday night on Lifetime and blew me away.

Her deep voice has always been appealing to me. I often channel my inner Toni in the shower while singing “He Wasn’t Man Enough.”

In elementary school I was obsessed with her. There was even a girl at my school that looked just like Toni! I couldn’t stop staring at the girl. It could have been my inner lesbian though, but who knows.

Toni is strong! She worked so hard until her body gave up on her. Even after having a big attack, she graced the stage the very next day. Doctors told her to give up her career in order to save her life and she refused.

Even when she heard her baby was autistic, she went on the stage to perform and dedicated her song to him. Some would say she had no other choice. But she did. Everyone honestly has the choice to give up. She did not give up!

I love how she kept her disease away from the world for a little bit. She wanted no one’s sympathy. She was the bread winner for the entire family. And when she got to the top, she took her sisters with her. That is a real woman right there.

And after it all, she still put on the reality TV show regardless of her sickness. That shows true strength and character.

But at one point, Toni had to do the inevitable. She had to choose her over everybody! She retired from making music because it had lost its true passion. She also wanted to spend more time with her family.

I had no idea how much this woman has struggled. She wears none of it on her face! I love you Toni!

She taught me something though, as she told viewers, “even the most blessed life doesn’t come without pain.” You have to take care of yourself first, then reach out to others. And when it gets too tough, it’s okay to take a break.

It’s okay to say no. Even when the weight of the world is on your shoulders; If you have to girl, you shrug.