Fantasy: Horrible Bosses


I am new on the job. I sit quiet at my desk because I don’t want to mess up. Naughty girls always find a way to mess up…accidentally.

I hate my boss. He is so mean to me. He tells me to file papers every 2 seconds, makes me run out to get his coffee in the freezing cold, then tells me it is not hot enough. Does he not see the coffee machine in the kitchen area?

He is such a dick. Yesterday he called me stupid. Because I did not receive the email that he sent to the old assistant. He still calls me by her name. Becky.

My name is Sinn.

His wife is nice. She comes in with a tray of cookies each Friday. I hate the job but I stay for her cookies. She likes me. She tells me her husband can be a little assertive but that it’s out of love. So don’t mind him if I want a positive recommendation in the future.

I believe her. I trust her.

I leave work early today. The boss is not happy with it but I live two hours away and I want to get home quickly so that I can change for this munch that is on the other side of town.

“Sorry. I have to visit my sick mother,” I tell the asshole. He has no choice but to let me go. Because I have a sick mother.

All that is behind me, I’m on the train reading “50 Shades.” I can’t wait to go to this munch and meet my Mr. Gray!

I get dressed up. All latex with my cat ears and a collar. I put on the highest heels I can find that have no soles. Fucking sexy.

I enter the bar and go to the special area for the munch. Everyone is dressed super casual. I guess I never got the fucking memo!

I order mozzarella sticks, a red bull, and I sit embarrassed. I male approaches me and tells me his name is Dragon.

“Hi Dragon,” I say.

“Hi stupid slut,” he says. “That’s not how you dress to go to a munch. Did you think this was a fucking dungeon?”

“What’s a dungeon?” I ask.

“Answering questions with questions I see,” he says.

Then it clicked. This is my fucking boss! Why is he even here? Why is he acting like he doesn’t even know me? I play along.

His wife approaches me, extends her hand with a bright smile, “Hi, I’m Fire,” she says.

“Hi Fire,” I say.

She tells me I am a very bad girl. He tells me I need to be punished. I let them talk me into going home with them. Now I’m in the back of an SUV with my legs spread wide open, Fire has a mini wand placed on my clit, Dragon is driving the car cautiously down the freeway, and I’m moaning for my life.
My body starts to tremble a bit.

“You better not cum slut,” Dragon says with his eyes still on the road. “We’ve got an hour to go. You better not cum until we get to my place.”

Fire changes the pulse settings on the mini wand to speed it up. I’m going crazy, trying my best not to cum.

We turn left on their block and I cum. I came in 59 minutes! All I needed was one fucking minute and I blew it! You see why I stay at my desk now right? This naughty girl always messes up.

“You’ve been a very bad girl,” Fire whispers into my ear.

Dragon parks the car, Fire pulls out a pair of contacts from her purse.

“Put these on,” she says. “We have a door man so bringing you in with blind folds might startle him.”

I do as I am told. I can’t see a thing. She holds my hand. Tells me to follow her. She guides me. I trust her.

I hear chit chat. They must be in the apartment lobby now. We enter an elevator. We go up a few flights. She guides me around the corner. I hear keys entering a door. I smell good aroma. I am inside.

“Kneel,” Dragon says.


I do as I am told. I feel a cock on my lips. I part my lips. He thrusts his cock, balls deep inside of my mouth. He grabs my hair and face fucks me so hard I can barely breathe. I vomit. He continues until he pulls out and let his warm cum drip on my face.

“Stand up,” he says. Fire is here to guide me again. She guides me down a hall. I hear a door open. I feel my body being placed on a very cold surface. I hear metal clinking together. I feel Fire’s warm hands caressing my body. Then she pinches my nipples.

“You have been a very naughty girl,” she whispers into my ear.

I shiver. She places what feels like nipple clamps on me.

“Should I start at level 2 for her Master?” she asks Dragon.

I hear nothing. He must have nodded to her. The next thing I can feel is a big shock running through my body. It hurts. And it feels good.

I feel a chain being placed around my neck. I hear a lock closing. Then chains around my wrists, my thighs, my ankles. The cold surface I am placed on moves up into a vertical angle, parallel to a wall. The nipple clamps are off.

“Beg me to spank you,” Fire demands as she rubs what feels like a leather paddle on my tits, down my stomach, to my clit. “Your safety word is Madame.”

“Please spank me Fire,” I quiver.

She hits my left tit. Then my right tit. Then my pussy. Softly.

“Please spank me Fire,” I moan.

The blows get harder and harder. On my tits, on my pussy, she hits me until I start to tremble.

“You may cum,” Dragon demands.

My body trembles, I cum. Over and over again. An Earth shattering cum. It feels so god that I cry.

They let me down. They do some aftercare. Then I am sent home in an Uber car. Not even escorted down stairs.

I go to work after the weekend is up. My pussy is finally normal after being so swollen. My tits are still bruised purple.

I enter the office. I sit at my desk. My boss does not acknowledge me. It’s as if Friday night never even happened.