Oscars White Washed Again, Chris Rock Calls it ‘White BET Awards’


The Oscars snubbed “Straight Outta Compton” this year and forgot to nominate at least one black actor or black movie this year.

So many people say the Oscars are a racist institution. Yet, they have totally nominated a few black people in the past. Some never won an award and others have. So many people think that Hollywood is racist but fail to realize all of the black people in Hollywood right now. Some on movies, others on the pole.

So many people think that the whites are always trying to beat down the blacks. But just because they snubbed a few black people doesn’t mean that. Just because they forgot to add some blacks in after “12 Years a Slave” and a bunch of other black movies shed light on white supremacy from a black man’s perspective, does not mean they are racist.

Racism does not exist because black people are allowed to vote now. Never mind the Voter’s Rights laws popping up right before election season to stop people of color from voting. It is all a myth.

It isn’t racism when the black community takes 2 steps forward and Uncle Tom comes in with a hammer to push them 10 steps back.

It also is not racism when one of the best black movies gets snubbed this year. It got snubbed because white people do not even know who N.W.A. is. It got snubbed because white people cannot relate to Hip-Hop. Never mind the white people singing along to all the rap songs and who know about N.W.A. and other rappers, more than I do.

Some people may boycott the Oscars while others will go to support their friends. Some black people will get nominated in the future once they learn how to stop being so lazy and complaining all the damn time.

Like, just because they picked cotton for 300 years in the blazing hot son, watched their daughters, mothers and wives get raped by slave masters, got turned back into slaves upon freedom under the job title “share cropper,” was forced not to learn how to read for centuries, were kicked out of business deals that helped the American economy, were put back into slavery under the term of being “a criminal,” worked twice as hard to get half as far, does not mean that America is racist.

Just because America was built on the backs of black slaves (and so many other non-whites) that were later told to “go back to their country” when they refused to work for free, does not mean that they deserve their 40 acres and a mule they were promised.

Just because black men have big dicks doesn’t mean they can waltz around like they own the place. Just because black women are so voluptuous with ageless beauty doesn’t mean they can leave the kitchen to go to college!

The Oscars is not a racist institution. They just could not find a good enough movie with black people in it this year. Never mind the Box Office numbers “Straight Outta Compton” hit. It just was not white enough…I mean good enough…to make the Oscars.