Khloé Kardashian Saves the Day, Scott Disick Threatens Suicide


Khloé Kardashian saved the day on Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” after Scott Disick threatened to kill himself.

Scott just could not take the pain anymore and said he is done with life. Khloé responded quickly and calmly to talk him out of it. And it worked.

I know lots of people love to hate the Kardashians, but they teach us a lot of lessons via their show. Like, how to respond to suicide threats. Or how Khloé dealt with learning how to say no when she is burned out, which is an issue I have dealt with in the past.

The Kardashians have also embraced Caitlyn Jenner and have helped Kim Kardashian through her rough pregnancies. These are all real issues that people have to deal with on the daily.

And even though Scott fucked up, it is hard to deal with a break up like that. You go from living with someone everyday who has taken your bullshit for years, to not being let in the house and them not accepting you anymore. It still hurts. He could have really felt like killing himself because the pain was unbearable at that moment.

I am proud of the way Khloé dealt with this suicide threat. Scott is lucky to have someone care about him like that who is not blood and he is not even married to her sister.

Don’t take it for granted buddy. Clean up your act.

For the people on the receiving end of a suicide threat, know that when a person tells you they are about to kill themselves, they are really crying for help. They want someone to save them before they actually get it done because they know deep down inside that they don’t want to hurt their family and loved ones. It’s just that sometimes, pain so great feels like it will last forever.

Pain is only temporary. Some heart ache never goes away though but it’s okay. That pain will shape you. Just never let it break you.