Movie Review: ‘Mr. Six’ Starring Sexy Chinese Dudes and Chicks [SPOILER ALERT]

“Mr. Six” is a very good movie about a strong Chinese man with old principles looking after the safety of his only son. I give it 7 stars.

The movie, based on modern day China, is all about how a young boy named Bobby got into some serious trouble for getting some pussy after a wild party. The chick was hot…but she had a boyfriend…a crazy ass boyfriend.

So he was kissing on the chick, his roommate caught it on camera, then Bobby got the shit beat out of him. He was so pissed that he scratched a rich kids’ car. The rich kid, Kris, was so pissed that he kidnapped Bobby and held him hostage. He wanted $100,000 to repair the car.

Mind you, his family has billions so that was like peanuts to him. He had to do this just to show off. Over a little piece of ass. Really Kris? With all that money, you couldn’t just find another slut?

Little did Kris know, Bobby’s dad would come looking for him. Mr. Six got all his ducks in a row except he smokes too much so he has a heart problem. He preaches well though and teaches the kids respect.

It all escalated from Bobby getting some ass, to Kris having fun torturing him to Mr. Six finding the family’s offshore accounts worth billions of dollars. This is some Adam and Eve type shit mixed with Illuminati conspiracy type shit.

Anyway, they got a hold of the letter because the slut helped to kidnap Bobby. She took the money and put it in a bag with the important letters. Who keeps important shit in a shopping bag anyway? You never heard of a safe?

Bobby got out, the people wanted their shit back, Bobby got his skull cracked, Mr. Six went to fight the motherfuckers and went out like a martyr. His sexy friend Matchstick got the old gang back and they beat the shit out of everybody on the other side. Then they got locked up.

Don’t hook up with random chicks after a party. A lot of shit can happen. I once was that chick who had a boyfriend and did slutty shit. Don’t do it ladies. Just don’t do it. Pick between being a good girl and a slut. You can’t choose both.

*’Mr. Six’ is in Chinese with Subtitles