‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Gets Kicked out of White Party


“Teen Mom OG” star Farrah Abraham ran into yet another confrontation when she was uninvited to the glamorous White Party in the Hamptons.

While party organizers took her off the invite list because she is too “controversial” given her outbursts, her mother said the reason for being booted from one of the best events ever is most likely because of her sex tape scandal.
The pretty pussy mommy showed up anyway and then was kicked out after a few minutes. So technically she still went right?

People are talking bad about her, but they are talking about her. I never watched “Teen Mom OG” nor do I even know any of the other girl’s names. So the tape is working.

However, Farrah blamed her association with the MTV hit series for her “controversial” behavior, stating that that’s why she was uninvited to the White Party.

Fans, or not fans, tweeted about the show taking Deborah’s side.

“Dang! Farrah’s mom is keeping it real!” Twitter user Megan Winters said. “Teem mom isn’t the reason people don’t want you at their party, Farrah. #itsthesextape.”

Farrah has made a name for herself in the adult industry. She even started a line of sex toys and a series of erotica books.

Plus, you can get a pussy toy that is shaped just like hers. It’s about $200 to get a pussy and ass toy of hers, so I know she is making bank. Respect don’t pay the bills!

I love her sex tape by the way. But I get what she is saying about “Teen Mom.” If she wasn’t on the show, people would not bash her out so much because she is supposed to have some sort of image because she is a mom.

But then again, would she have made a big name for herself in porn if she was not on the show in the first place?

Personally, she does well in the adult industry. I honestly feel that most people are hating on her because they would never have the guts to totally be themselves just like her and be so unapologetic about it. She’s feeding her baby so what’s the issue? Oh, because she is a mom, she can’t have control over her body like that?

Whether people like her or not, she’s hot right now. Isn’t that the point anyway? If her goal was to be famous, well she got it. It doesn’t matter how you get there because nobody gives a fuck and there are millions of girls dying for her spotlight. The fact that she is there is what really matters.

Yes, life is unfair. But she took control of her body and added author, talent, porn star and business woman to her titled instead of just being a teen mom. I salute her for that. And it’s okay to just be a teen mom too. It’s your choice.

And that’s what feminism is all about; having the power to choose. You can choose to be the house wife, the mother, the Teacher, the Accountant, the Doctor the porn star. And you can choose to juggle them all!