‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Review [SPOILER ALERTS]

I always say, “let the force be with you” because “Star Wars” has so many deep messages within it.

You got sons killing fathers, kids joining the dark side because they want power, weird looking creatures telling you to let go of your past and all types of heroes coming together to save the world.Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is still in theaters for you to watch. Diehard fans have already watched it. You can go watch it for the 12th time at the theaters this week. You know you want to.

I loved the movie of course. Who in their right mind does not like “Star Wars?” I hated that Han Solo (Harrison Ford) died at the end though. But that was his karma. His son had to kill him. The force always comes back to you.

That’s probably why I got my heart broken so much lately. Pay back from when I used to be a slut…in a relationship. I’m still a slut though. Just not in a relationship anymore so I won’t be breaking hearts. It just does not make sense to get into a relationship…unless it’s an open relationship.

But anyway, I wanted Finn (John Boyega) to fuck the shit out of Rey (Daisy Ridley). Would’ve been a hot scene.

It’s a good thing that he died before he gave her them long strokes though. Honestly, she would have gotten distracted by his deep strokes and probably not have fulfilled her mission in the end. Love…I mean good dick…can do that. You know how many bitches fuck their life up over some good dick and a bullshit person? I mean, Finn was a garbage man after all. To answer the question: LOTS.

In fact, there is a bitch right now laid up, getting them deep strokes. Next week she is going to decide to drop out of school. The week after that, she is going to decide to keep the baby.

Watch the movie though! It’s good.