Kylie Jenner Shows off GLAM Room on App [WATCH]


Kylie Jenner showed off her GLAM room in her big Cali mansion while telling her fans some of her memories from the past for her super successful app.She reminisced about a little PRADA purse she had when she was just two years old! You can find a bunch of other cool stuff on her app as well, where she gives tours of her beautiful home.

This girl has a huge house and she is just 18! When I was 18, my biggest worries were about finals, if I’m going to get a rash from sleeping in a crowded dorm building and whether or not the security guard was going to let me in that 21 or over club if I slipped him some boob. I’m such a slacker!

Anyway, she is on the move! The mega star recently tweeted her new fashion collection she launched with sister Kendall Jenner.

She also has a message for fans: “Be yourself always no matter what.”

Is it just me, or does everyone think that the Jenner’s are about to crush the Kardashian tower?

Maybe have a “Jugging with the Jenners” show with Kendall, Kylie and Caitlyn and add Tyga and Pia Mia in there for extra spice. For the kid component, Chris Breezy can come thru with his daughter to play with Tyga’s kid. Add in Amber Rose and Blac Chyna for some extra baby mama drama and that makes the ratings. Guest star: Fetty Wap.

Does Kim even know that her baby sister is about to take over? I’m still waiting on a Kylie sex tape with Tyga though. Just because I want to see how they get it on after that little tease video “Stimulated.”

Kylie, can I get a pair of shoes though? I will clean your house top to bottom every day for some money too because my college loans are bigger than your whole family girl.