Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Royal Baby Making


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may or may not be expecting again. They said Kate Middleton is pregnant but it can just all be speculation right now. It was in the tabloids that she wants to have four kids though.

Her prince is trying to hit it from behind though. Because she know she so damn fine though.Well, two down, two more to go pretty lady. She had a princess recently making the world melt. She probably finally won the heart of Queen Elizabeth for producing a baby girl. You know it’s been forever since the kingdom had a princess right?

And if she is going to have four kids, or five, that just puts more of her and Prince William’s kids on the list of “next in line to the throne.”

It’s not the medieval days so you can’t just go killing off other heirs-to-be. You got to get pregnant…a lot. Well, at least that’s just my opinion. Don’t take me seriously though. I’m a millennial. I don’t even know how to survive without a mini robot and my primary research resource is the first page of Google.

But do they want a big family? Or do they just want to put more in the bucket for the next person in line to the throne?

Lady in the streets and freak in the sheets. That could be it too.