Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham Gets in Twitter Beef with Nicki Minaj

“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham got into some Twitter beef with the feisty rap star Nicki Minaj. And guess what? Nicki called her out on her porn video and Farrah was like, “your videos look like porn.”

The teen mom was called out for being disrespectful to her own mom. Nick called her a big Cunt for speaking to her mom all disrespectful and stuff. Then Farrah called Nicki disgusting then told her to go to church like that Meek Mills old song that I love so much.

Farrah is eating this shit up. She told Nick she should be in church on Sundays instead of watching re-runs of her show. Basically saying, “bitch I’m relevant if you even watching re-runs and getting at me over it.”

Them porn videos are hot though. Farrah was taking dick on a swing. I want to take some dick on a swing too. She got a pretty pussy too.

The mom, author, and porn star called Nick out on her videos though! She probably was talking about “Anaconda.” Yea, Nicki videos kind of look like porn to some people because she is so voluptuous that when she shakes her ass, you just have to jerk off. I have to jerk off, and I don’t even have a dick. Kind of like that “break the internet” scandal from Kim Kardashian. When voluptuous women take these photos or do these videos, people get aroused, as opposed to looking at the average skinny model. So it’s not porn. It’s just art. Really good art that just might make you cum.

But anyway, you can find short clips of Farrah’s sex tape on Pornhub. It’s free. She got some good pussy too.

Check out Nicki’s Anaconda video which you probably already watched a thousand times. I know she got good pussy too even though I didn’t see it.