Movie Review: Focus with Will Smith and That Hot White Chick


Watching Will Smith on the big screen always makes my pussy wet so this review of “Focus” will be biased. The movie was fucking awesome! It was one of his best movies yet. And ALL of his movies are one of his best movies yet. Even “After Earth” so all you fucking haters can go and catch a bouquet.It came out a while ago so you should have already watched it. If not, what’s wrong with you? It’s about a girl who meets a guy she trusts enough to get her deep into the con game. She’s what some people have wanted me to be. So many people have approached me with the idea of using my good looks and personality to set men up and rob them.

First of all, who could trust a crook? You’re robbing other people so you can definitely rob me. But like Lucky said, “there is no room for heart in this game.” So I could not become one of those women. My heart is too big. I cared about the homeless stranger walking with a baby stroller so much that I gave her every dime in my purse. I care about the people I encounter on a plane ride that I want to exchange numbers to make sure their life is okay and possibly to give them a future blow job if they’re hot. And I care about men so much that I would fill their ego a little bit even if it means degrading myself. So I’m not cut out to be the perfect criminal. The perfect slut though, count me in!

But that sexy white chick made me rethink my future. I want to be her! But then again I want to be Lisbeth Salander saving the world with my mega research skills and photographic memory. Then other days I want to be Kylie Jenner so I could fuck Tyga on a yacht and finger pop Kim Kardashian all while starting an amazing new app that will be a big hit. A girl has dreams!

If my heart was small enough to con people, I would probably be rich right now. That good girl that cares so much is fucking broke I tell you that much. I spent my whole life helping people and in the end, I’m in a lot of credit card debt, have held onto broken relationships for far too long and have been played like a fool. Well, I acted dumb but it’s the same thing.

What should I do? Get a fucking mentor and go to those really crowded places and take what I have not worked for? Or should I apply for jobs and climb the corporate ladder?

This article definitely stirred off the path of being a review for Will Smith’s “Focus” and I lost focus. And so did he when that banging chick came walking in and almost fucked up his whole operation.

Oh yeah, don’t ever fall in love. I did once, head over heels and it was horrible. Then I did a second time and it was far worse than the first. I might be falling in love again but I’m going to stop after this time. Just one more bad relationship and I’m done for good. I swear.