Top 6 Items that Makes You Cum, Mini Wand Blows Your Mind

There are millions of toys that will make your head spin…And make your pussy super wet. I just ordered a few toys that I want to review for you. Keep in mind that some of the toys came from Groupon so that I can save some money. After all, it’s not about how much you make, it’s about how much you save.

I saved a bunch on Groupon by using them for my vibrators. Maybe about $100. Use Groupon for literally anything and you WILL save money. The other toys my Dom bought for me. He’s so supportive of my sex drive.



  1. Hot Pink High Heels from Charlotte Rousse

High heels are super sexy. They make your man want you more and when he wants you more, your pussy gets wetter. Also, it looks so nice when your legs are spread open with a dildo rubbing on your throbbing clit. When I wear these heels, my sexy level shoots up two notches. Get these if you want to turn your sex partner on!



  1. Nipple Clamps and Rope

Nipple clamps and rope spices things up for sure, especially when pairing it up with heels. I got the silver Beaded Nipple Clamps from Xpressions. Let me say, the clamps are sooo great. You can adjust the levels if the clamps are too tight. It’s perfect for me since I have a low tolerance for pain. As time goes by and I build my pain tolerance, I will adjust the clamps to be tighter.

The ropes go with the clamps. If you’re going to put clamps on your nipples, you mind as well get tied up along with it. The Kink Lab Bondage Rope is easy to cut and easy to get out of. It’s perfect for new subs who have not completely surrendered to their Dom. It increases your trust level because you know you can get out of the rope whenever you want to. Also, the rope is super soft and feels good on your skin.



  1. Mini Wand

The Shibari 10X Pulsations Mini Wand is something to die for! Literally, putting that thing between your legs will stop your breath. Plus, it’s so small that you can put it in your purse. You can put it on your clit in the airplane bathroom with no issues. And it makes you cum…over…and over…and over again.



  1. Pink Vibrator

The pink juicy jewels dildo is one of the best toys ever. I love how soft it is and the different vibrating levels. Put two batteries in it and your life changes. It’s an affordable toy and it feels so good.



  1. White Dildo

I love white cock so getting a dildo that looks like one is best for me for nostalgia sake. This 7.5-inch Vibrating Jelly Dong – Flesh feels like a real cock, only it can vibrate. It’s nice and smooth and the head feels good in my mouth. I also like the veins running through it and the little remote control connected to it.



  1. Black Dildo

I love black cock too and this 8-inch wall banger feels sooo real. It has veins through it and it’s super soft on the top. When I deep throat this dildo with my eyes clothes, I honestly feel like I’m sucking a real cock. I even think about a specific person and when I open my eyes, I get surprised that he is not there. Everything about it feels real, even the balls. Mmmmmm.

And don’t forget to clean your sex toys after every use!