The Queen Latifah Show, A Touching Poem From the Past


I had to post this poem after scrolling through model Cara Delevingne’s Instagram page. The supermodel posted a clip today from Queen Latifah’s show, but the poem was posted to YouTube nearly two years ago.

Why is it still relevant? Because these young girls from Get Lit have touched our hearts so much so that we will remember them and hopefully make a change within ourselves.Cara posted the excerpt that talked about LGBT children not being able to bring their same-sex partners to prom. The model is open about her sexuality and tells the world that she is not going “through a phase.”

Yes, people, girls can genuinely like both sexes and be committed to either or in a relationship. Just because a girl has dated a guy, then her next partner is a girl does not mean she is “going through a phase.” It could be that she is bisexual the same way people are heterosexual and others are homosexual. The list goes on in the LGBTQIA community which is filled with a lot of cool people believe it or not.

I like how the girls talked about rape culture in America; how girls are taught to never talk about it because rape is so taboo. Little does the world know that the more you talk about something, the more you heal. Who wants to go through life with all these bottled up emotions? You see Adele did not begin to heal until she actually called the guy to talk about her feelings and to say “Hello.”

“Every state in America, the greatest lessons are the ones you don’t remember learning,” the girls spat.

They said to their teachers who gives them textbooks with missing pages of our true history: “The greatest lesson you can never teach us…We must control how people think.”

Well America, teachers, people who judge, you will no longer have power over me. I will free my mind of mental slavery just like Bob Marley said in “Redemption Song.”

Check out the full YouTube video of Get Lit’s poem about American history.