Movie Review: “Concussion” Starring Will Smith and Some Other People


I went to the movie theaters to watch “Concussion” and I give it 1,000 stars. And it’s not because I love Will Smith. This movie was great because I love Will Smith… and I love African men so his accent through the whole movie had me gushing.Like that part when he was like, “Need is not weak. Need is need.” Well Will, I need you in a very good way. And it’s not weak, it’s need. It’s real need. Seriously though, I have a lot of respect for this man.

My panties were still wet when I got in the house from the theaters and it takes me an hour to get home. Bruh.

I cried during the movie. When he proposed to her. When they lost the baby. When he said, “Need is not weak. Need is need.” And when the movie ended because I know deep down inside that I would never get the chance to fuck that man.

Anyway, the movie was about a doctor who found out just how dangerous playing football is. He spent his own money on research and spent a lot of time telling the truth, even when odds were against him. He was punished for being a good man and he and his wife had to move across the entire country to start all over again.

And people were not even respecting him. Yea he was a little weird talking to dead people and shit, but I do that too. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. People had the nerve to call him Mr. and not Dr. because they were hating on him so hard. But guess what? In the end he was right about everything. In the end he won.

Why is it that nice guys finish last?