Fantasy: I am a Black Widow Baby

2464661160_af74c92373_bMy heart is racing almost beating out of my chest. I’m in the closet, crouched down, wondering how I am going to get myself out of this one. I panic.

“There is no way out,” I tell myself.

I stand up. I’m in a huge walk in closet filled with the latest designer trends and then some. This closet is so big, bigger than my living room, bigger than my 36DDD tits and my never ending imagination.I hear footsteps. I run to the back and crouch down near a tall box of shoes.

“Who is in here?” a calm voice asks. He walks into the closet.

I breathe so hard he hears it and jerks his head right to where I am crouching. “Fuck. He caught me.” I start to cry inside.

“Who the fuck are you?” he smiles when he asks this question. But I can see the power and authority in his eyes. He plays no games.

“I’m Sinn,” I confess, full of fear. “I just wanted to smell your clothes. I wasn’t going to steal anything.”

“I know,” he says. “I watched you break into my house for months now. Nothing missing. Just annoying as hell.” The smile fades.

I walk out of my position, I kneel, face down, ass up, palms open, so he sees that I worship him.

“Stand up bitch,” he says so smoothly.

I stand up. He slaps me back down. “Stand up bitch,” he says again. Slaps me back down. This goes on for about 20 blows and I get dizzy. Then he starts to pull on my hair and drags me by my pony tail out of the closet. He continues to drag me throughout the house, through all 10 bedrooms, then into the master bathroom.


He kicks me and makes me crawl to the toilet bowl. “Lick it clean you stupid bitch,” he says to me. He pushed my head into the toilet, holds it down, whips his cock out and pisses on me.

I freak out. “Stop! That’s nasty!” I yell.

“Oh you don’t like watersports?” he asks with a smirk on his face.

I shake my head slowly and he loses it. He kicks me in the face and spits on my forehead. He pushed me down, sits on my waist and starts punching me over and over again. I spit out blood. He strips me naked and beats the shit out of me again. I spit out blood again and a tooth. I start to cry so hard.

“Please stop. Sir. Please stop.”

As I’m crying uncontrollably begging him to stop beating me, he thrusts his cock inside of me. He pumps in and out of me getting it in deeper and deeper. He cums inside of me then drags me back to the closet where he found me. Chains me to the floor.

“You’re going to stay in here until you have my baby. After that, I will be done using you bitch,” he spat.

Then he brought in a doggy bowl full of water and a roll of ritz crackers.

“This is your meal for the day,” he says as he pets my head.

Mark Day 1 of me being the new pet of a gangster boss.