Fantasy: You Ever Been to 5 Guys? They Have Good Burgers


I am sitting at the tip of a conference table because I am the boss. The boss of what, I do not know. But I am really heated at the meeting and my workers are a little upset because I blow them off in front of a guest, maybe some CEO guy or whatever.Next thing I know I’m walking to my car at noon for a lunch break and one of my colleagues rushes up to me to help me with opening my car door. I let him because he looks so desperate to do it. When I get in the car, there are three guys in the back seat and one has a gun.

“Drive bitch,” he says with the gun pointed at my head and I have all tinted windows so my ass was grass.

I drive in shock going straight while waiting for the gunman’s instructions. “Turn left hoe,” he says in a very familiar voice. As I look into my rearview mirror, I realize that these were the same three motherfuckers I had laid off a week before.

“They’re going to kill me,” I think to myself.

One more sharp turn and we are at a building. A doorman greets us and I am escorted into an elevator with the guys. I’m mind blown because the one guy is still employed and actually got a promotion this morning so not sure what role he has to play in all of this.

We stop at the top floor and one guy pushes a button that made the elevator come to an abrupt stop for it to get stuck. I start panicking and one guy chokes me and says, “You think you’re so powerful bitch? You belong in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant.” He smacks me, looks in the eyes, and smacks me again.

As he is slapping me and choking me I feel my pin skirt get ripped off. I pass out…


I wake up. I am chained to a bed. As I open my eyes the choker thrusts his hard white cock inside of me. He pumps until he cums inside of me, gets off then the black guy climbs up on me and goes straight for my ass hole. I’m screaming and crying as I feel my hole ripping apart.

He lifts my body and gets under me to thrust his penis into my ass again with me on top of him. At this point I’m helpless and just lie there. Then the third guy thrusts his hard brown cock into my vagina making me scream for my life. They get in sync with each other’s rhythm. Next thing I know my body starts to tremble.

Then the fourth guy bends over and lets the choker thrust his cock in his ass so hard that he took a shit on it. Then the choker takes that same dirty shitty cock and shoves it down my throat while the other, I guess the gay one, pisses on my face.

I am humiliated.

“Eat my shit bitch,” he says. I gag and throw up. But he doesn’t care. He just takes two hands full of my hair and face fucks me until I pass out yet again.

I wake up. Naked. These four guys drag me back down stairs. I get so relieved that the doorman can see what they did to me and start to yell for help.

“What’s going on?” the door man asks.

“They brutally raped me, all four of them,” I sob.

He pushes them off of me like my knight in shining armor. My prince charming has come to my rescue. He starts to dab at my face with tissue, wipes cum from my hair and tells me to stop crying.

Then the doorman threw me down on the cold hard marble floor and fucked me too. He had to be at least 80 years old. I’m surprised he even got it up. They were all jerking off and when the old man was finished, all five guys came on my tits.

The choker grabs my red lip stick from my purse and writes “dirty whore” across my chest.

They put my clothes on and drive me to 5 Guys, the fast food joint.

“You’re going to go in there and order five cheese burgers and come back to this car and feed us,” the choker says. “And don’t take the sign off.”

He then pastes a large sign on my back, while I smell like piss and sex with jizz stuck in my hair and dried on my face.

“I just got banged by Five Guys. Get it?” the sign reads.

I go to order the burgers and do as I am told.