Celebrities and Their New Year’s Resolutions on Twitter, I Think


New Year Kim K IG

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Happy New Year from me and all the celebrities around the world!!! Happy New Years to my black people.

As people are making their New Year’s resolutions, our fav celebs are doing the same. Well, we hope so because we want them to be just as normal as we are.

Kim Kardashian made a few resolutions but the best one was about her mom.

“Just thought of another New Year’s resolution. I really want to make my mom’s life easier & be extra nice! She’s the best & does everything 4 us,” the reality TV star tweeted.

Of course some guy replied to her tweet asking her “which mom” she was referring to, just to poke fun at Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change in 2015. Let’s all agree to be less of a douche bag this year. Transgender people should not be bullied for embracing themselves, and their families should not be bullied for supporting them either.

Seriously though, I think Kim K has a low key New Year’s resolution of preparing herself for becoming the next First Lady.

Her hubby Kanye West teased a new song called “Facts” that is dedicated to her and she tweeted photos to promote it. But in one photo Kanye is with President Barack Obama. Let’s not forget about Yeezy’s presidential announcement at the 2015 MTV VMAs.

In another photo, Kim K’s hubby is walking with Taylor Swift, the most likely Vice President candidate to his 2020 presidential campaign. Coincidence? Nah. Welllllll, Kanye is not the man in the photo, but all black men are the same person I suppose, when it comes to police brutality.

New Year Kanye West

Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Meanwhile, former playboy bunny Holly Madison took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve to say, “Trying to write about Circus Circus when Hunter S. Thompson has already done it is futile. P.S. Obviously I’m partying #NYE2016.”

I’m guessing her New Year’s resolution is to write more after her major success with her tell-all, “Down the Rabbit Hole,” where she dished about her life as a bunny. My resolution is to read that book!

Holly probably wants to be easy this year as well. She posted a photo of a cooking tutorial for some fajita thing. She wants us to cook easy meals with her. I like that. Speaking of former bunnies, Hugh Hefner has not posted anything for the New Year as of yet. He’s not a former bunny though, he just fucked them and bought them things and maybe changed a few of their lives. Hugh! Where are you now that I need you?!! (beat drops).

New Year Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner/Twitter

I have no idea what his New Year’s Resolution is, but mine is to visit his mansion and sit on his lap while he sits in that chair. His wife should let me do it too because it would be totally platonic.

New Year Crystal Hef

Crystal Hefner/Twitter

Crystal Hef wants people to donate their clothes that they no longer wear in 2016. I guess her New Year’s resolution is to be more giving. I wanted to be more selfish this year, but Crystal, you have inspired me.

She also posted a hot photo of her with skinny bunny tea giving us a link to order the product. Zillions of people made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Take her advice and sip that tea. Also, mind your business this year (says the journalist).

New Year Rihanna


And I can’t leave out my girl Rihanna. Bad girl RiRi has not posted anything to Twitter since a few days before Christmas because she is working on her Anti World Tour 2016.

I am sure that she has the same New Year’s Resolution as me; to fuck up some commas! Well for her, since she still got her money, is to fuck up some MORE commas. I’m broke though. That has to change since I’m 23 and have to turn into a responsible person now. I think.