BREAKING NEWS: It is now 2016


Yes. It is about that time. The year 2016 is here and I did not have sex yet so it’s definitely a new me.

Seriously though, I am making changes for the New Year and I am starting a new life as a sex blogger and Web Cam Model. My goal? To become an expert. Technically a “sexpert.”I have a new drive that I lost last year because I felt that my life was going nowhere. I had my heart broken so badly in 2015 and I am still in the repairing process. It might take years to get over it.

Also, I am motivated to make more money and travel more for business purposes. Last year was all about family and building relationships and this year is all about me and my career.

I don’t want to have sex anymore this year. But then again, I don’t want to have sex any less. Definitely if the sex is not mind blowing, then I do not want it. And if it’s not an NSA, please go that way! (Big Pun voice).

This year I am 100 percent single and that’s a first for me. Happy to say that I am changing.

Next year, maybe I’ll finger myself at 11:59 p.m. then kiss my fingers when the ball drops. Who knows?

Or maybe I’ll have a good time with friends and be able to make exclusive drinks like the one below. I definitely thought about being a bartender so it might fit.

Happy New Year to you all!!! And stick to your resolutions for at least 90 days people LOL!