Same-Sex Couple Threatened Ahead of Wedding

After the Supreme Court granted same-sex couples the right to marriage throughout the United States, there has yet to be a stop to anti-gay remarks and discrimination towards the LGBT community. There is… Continue reading

Getting Tied up [WATCH]

Getting tied up can be fun!

They Hate the Perfect Dom

They hate the perfect Dom and maybe future President, or maybe not if Bernie or Hillary wins. I don’t know who “they” is but they hate him. Some of them love him and… Continue reading

Prom Dress Season, Some Giveth, Some Taketh Away

Prom dress season is here! Little girls blooming into women, all over the U.S. are suffering from the most severe first-world problem syndrome; ‘what is the perfect prom dress to wear? And I… Continue reading

Are You Vanilla? BDSM Test Results

After reading through a few fetlife profiles, I felt like taking a BDSM quiz that almost everyone else has taken. Come to find out, I am just what I think I am. A… Continue reading

Petty All the Time

Petty season is right around the corner. Cuffing season is just about over so you know it’s about to be a lot of bitter single people out there. They were used over the… Continue reading

‘The Family’ Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers: What Happened to ‘Real’ Adam? [WATCH]

  Tune into ABC on Sunday for the next episode of “The Family” where we might find out what happened to the real Adam. In the next episode titled “Nowhere Man,” we see… Continue reading

Hip Hop Legend Afrika Bambaataa Accused of Molestation

  Hip Hop Legend Afrika Bambaataa is being accused of molesting a teenage boy nearly 40 years ago. Former New York State Democratic Committee member Ronald Savage says Bambaataa molested him when he… Continue reading

I Love Will Smith and His African Accent

I just love Will Smith. Everything about him is awesome. But when he came out with that African accent in “Concussion,” I just loved him even more. Gushy. Gushy. Check him out in… Continue reading

‘Empire’ Premieres March 30, Will Hakeem Keep the Kingdom? [WATCH]

“Empire” premieres Wednesday night with an all new leader of the company, Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Y. Gray). Last season finished with Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) losing his company to an old rival, Camilla… Continue reading

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